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Free your mind and body - by talking with someone who will listen to you

It’s often said that a good talk or a good chat is medicine to a worried heart or lonely heart.
That’s why talks have been the most effective tool to bring people together, no matter their race, background, what language they speak or which country they’re from.
In the absence of a good talk or communication, monuments crumble, relationships tear apart, minds go crazy, hearts grow cold and above all without communication, civilizations starts to regress. Talk to us, share your story, your anytime companion.

Our service involve talking about issues that matters to our clients, our discussions have no boundaries, the conversation just have to be respectful and meaningful. Bring any subject that matters to you, namely: feeling sad, fear, worried about something, need someone to vent about something, want to talk about your relationship, finding ways to deal with the people in your life, feeling down, life stressors and how to deal with them, want to go back to school and need someone to talk to about your journey, not knowing who to talk to about something so personal to you. The goal of gifted mind is to empower our client and bring out the best in them by providing companionship, support, and coaching.

We do not provide legal advice, if you need legal advice you need to speak to a lawyer. Our team is made up of board certified family nurse practitioner, registered nurses with experiences in psychiatry and related fields, in addition to staff members with abroad view of the world. The service provided on this site are virtually based on the topic or situation presented by our clients. Some people are gifted beyond the ladder of educational achievement, and GIFTEDMIND is here to prove that gift. Give us a chance to be your companion, talk to us, don't be alone, don't feel isolated or lonely, what's on your mind, maybe you don't know who to share it with or talk to, give use a call, book an appointment and speak to us at your earliest convenient.

The truth of the matter is that, happiness is inside all of us, sometimes you just need someone to help you find it. Giftedmind helps you find that happiness.

Opinion columnist written by Steven Petrow on Jan. 10, 2023. Titled "Thank you Prince Harry, for having the courage to speak your truth." This is just a glimpse of  what Prince Harry shared about his family, but what is so important is what Professor of clinical psychiatry at Weill Cornell medical college Dr. Richard Friedman M.D said, He explained that sharing ones personal experience and difficulties with others can be beneficial in many ways, such as enhancing ones own self-acceptance and psychological healing.   
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Listening, companionship, providing feedback, coaching, making suggestions, providing constructive criticism and providing support

Consult for free and start talking with someone who can help you unlock the greatness within you. Never be too afraid to try something new because you can only compare two things.

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